• Our specific goal is to provide a qualitative education for all girls and to invest in the future of our girls through education, particularly in Mathematics, science, technology, ICT and engineering
  • We would provide girls in secondary schools with school materials, school uniform, shoes and pocket money to motivate them to learn.
  • We would build a state of the art secondary school with boarding facilities for selected bright, intelligent girls who are not able to access private education because of poverty.
  • Girls who have dropped out of secondary in the Ilaje, Makoko and Ijesha areas of Lagos state will be supported for further education in the tertiary institutions such as Universities, polytechnics, colleges of education etc.
  • For all the girls and particularly for those who are definitely not academically inclined, we would provide a range of vocational activities and skills development opportunities.


  • To equip women with entrepreneurial skills through providing of vocational training in tailoring, agricultural farming, basic book keeping, marketing, managerial and technical capacity building to enable them to run a business. We would provide women with basic equipment to start a business and support them to effectively manage and run their businesses
  • One out of every two women in Lagos struggles to feed and educate their children. When empowered by opportunity, they have a chance to work their way out of poverty and transform their lives.


We hope to build a rehabilitation Centre which will house about 200 or younger girls and women who would otherwise probably be on the streets of a large city, stealing, begging, drug-running, sex workers or possibly even committing murder. The centre will be equipped with its own farm where food will be grown by the women for their own consumption with scope for the excess to be sold off to generate income.


Nigeria has a population of about 190, 633, 362  (April 5, 2017,  est.)  and one third of the country’s population is young people between the ages of 10-24 years. The potential contributions of young people in the South western part of Nigeria is compromised by a host of challenges including but not limited to high vulnerability to poverty, low value orientation, restiveness, increasing level of drug addiction and usage, general breakdown in moral values and norms.  In the competitive culture today, more youth are confused and do not know what in Life they are on Earth for. As a result of this, and also because of the uncertain future, Nigerian youth are pushed to engage in criminal livelihood sources such as cultism, stealing, lying, idleness, disrespect at all levels, high level of sexual activities and other social vices. All these make young people to live a life without focus. Youths have many questions but nobody to answer them. They are being influenced by the media, society, family pressure, social networking sites, etc.; they don’t have an open space where they can brainstorm about issues. They are confused and do not have relationships with parents, teachers, peers where they can really get answers to their deeper dilemmas. If the energy of the Nigerian youth is used in the positive direction, it could address the most complex challenges facing the country.

We aim to provide the young people with life and transferable skills. The life skills will enable them to set goals for themselves and stay committed to achieving these goals and help other young people do the same, whilst the transferable skills prepare them for life in further education, workplace or even in starting their own small businesses.



  • A woman is a change-agent, she can feed her family, build her business, raise her kids, employ her neighbours. She can inspire sustainable transformation and create a new story for herself, her children and her entire community.
  • Empowering women will significantly provide local development and benefit in terms of health, education and economic development and will bring about community development.
  • People in rural communities will become more aware on the need to enrol girls into schools
  • These young girls and women will become shinning ambassadors for our nation Nigeria as they will engage with others still living their past lives and share the good report of their transformation.

Beneficiaries:  This project will directly benefit 10, 000 children aged 6 – 18 years, and women and will have a wider impact on a target population of approximately 30,000 people living in the project area through the empowerment programme, community training and awareness aspects of this project.


  1. Will assist us in providing a thriving opportunity

With your help, Arise Foundation can provide that opportunity and empower women in our community such as Ilaje and Ijesha to break free from the cycle of poverty.

  1. Will aid our poverty alleviation Initiative:

With many women living below poverty level, AF will contribute its own quota in alleviating poverty among the women fold and help the girls in fulfilling their dreams and putting smiles on their faces.

  1. Will provide financialsecurity:
  2. Will unlock the potentials of girls


A woman is an agent of change and agent of transformation. If given the opportunity, she can build her business, raise her kids, feed her family, and employ her neighbours.  She can influence her children and her entire community. A woman is intelligent and full of potentials not been used or discovered.  The world can be transformed in the hand of a woman, if she is given the opportunity. Please partner with us to make this dream a reality.

Join us in empowering women with the financial services, economic empowerment and training that will serve as the catalyst for sustainable change and also improve the lives of youth especially girls in local communities through education and vocational training.


  1. In February 2017, we empowered the women and girls of ijesha community, Surulere Local government, Lagos State in hat making, fashion, decoration and cooking with the view of establishing them to enable them to run a business.
  2. In March 2017 we provided skills acquisition programme for about 200 young women of Aguda surulere in training such as child care, cleaning, decoration, tailoring, agriculture, retail, basket weaving etc and then turn them into entrepreneur by providing start-up assets such as a day care, shop or cart, cooking tools, cooking stoves, sewing machines and grinding machines.
  3. To date we are providing support to distress girls and women including battered and victims of domestic violence, psychologically through counselling and other forms of therapy and education for a re-orientation towards attaining a better and more purposeful life in the society.



To support the Arise Foundation program you can quickly and easily make a donation to our account, any donation amount is welcomed as every donation made will count towards making a difference to the lives of the women and the youth especially the girls – please give what you can

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Alternatively you can choose to pledge to a certain project we are running, for instance: donating towards

  1. The needs of the NGO to run its office effectively
  2. The purchase of pieces of equipment, such as sewing machines, grinding machines, industrial machines, 5KVA/10KVA generators, freezers, photography and video equipment’s, music equipment’s, recording studio
  3. Lands for school complex and Rehabilitation centres
  4. Furniture and fixtures for the state of the art school with boarding facilities
  5. Vehicles to run the various projects.
  6. Coaster buses etc

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